Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pune to Bhandardara (Driving directions)

When I planned a vacation in Bhandardara, little did I know that there would be no internet resources on how to get there! I found no help articles or posts on the internet telling you how to drive to Bhandardara from Pune. So this is my good deed for the day!

Bhandardara is town perched on a hill-top, about 210 kms from Pune. There is a dam and a lot of nature for you to admire. The maps I had downloaded from the internet were not of much help (As I got to know later). You will know that a Wrong Turn can have mad consequences, if you have seen this movie. But thankfully I was able to avoid taking such turns on the way to Bhandardara. In fact I felt like Magellan or Columbus, on an adventure into uncharted roads. Going boldly where man has gone before but not posted an article about it on the internet! Bhandardara – The final frontier! Yeah, gave me goose bumps too!

Here is a turn by turn guide to driving from Pune to Bhandardara.

  1. Take the Pune – Nasik Highway (NH 50). Drive. Drive. Drive.
  2. Cross Narayangaon on the way. There is a charming restaurant by the name of Ivy Lounge just outside Narayangaon. You may choose to break here and pick up a bottle of wine. Then Drive. Again. Yes.
  3. Note that the scenery is breathtaking. We, Indians tend to get caught up in the driving.
  4. Drive till you reach Sangamner. About 150 kms from Pune. This is a dusty, crowded small town, not much different from a host of other dusty, crowded small towns.
  5. Take a left just after crossing the ST bus stand. Take another left turn at the next junction. Drive, drive till you reach Akola.
  6. Drive on till you reach Rajur. I guess this is where you will start seeing signboards showing you the way to Bhandardara.
  7. From Rajur to Bhandardara is another 20 odd kms. The drive becomes better as you near Bhandardara.
  8. There is a left turn (Well marked) which takes you to the MTDC or Anandvan resort.

Enjoy Bhandardara. In case you feel the need to thank me, send me an email, and I will take it from there.