Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ReviewMaster Haha – Aisha!

Cut to a small school in the rural village of Delhi, in a run-of-the-mill-opulent classroom.

Masterji: Children - match the following. Come on!

Column A – Males
  1. Loaded, social misfit with all the charms of a donkey in heat
  2. Fashionably balding, oh-so-sensitive, bordering on feminine, guy (Also loaded!)
  3. Hunk straight out of a magazine centre spread (Looks loaded!)
  4. The odd BPO guy (This guy is not loaded!)

Column B – Females

  1. Fashionable, social butterfly, bordering on arrogant, girl (Loaded – you get the picture!)
  2. Size zero hottie straight out of … a movie, perhaps!
  3. Misguided, naïve, small town girl with small town aspirations
  4. Loaded, Social Miss-fit and appendage to Female # 1
Masterji: Now children, match the above and tell me the answer.

Students: Masterji, Masterji, the answer is: a-4, b-1, c-2 and d-3.

Masterji: Excellent, But if you have gotten it wrong like the director of Aisha, Rajshree Ojha, then you better go back and revise your Mills and Boons!

This is exactly what RO (Rajshree Ojha and not Reverse Osmosis) did or did not do. Painful, especially when the audience has to sit though all possible incorrect combinations of the “Match the following”.

I mean combinations like a-1. Why? That was never going to work. We know that. Or b-3 and a-3. Those were particularly jarring ones. Gosh!

However, there are a few positives from the movie. The music is fantabulous, which begs the question – why couldn’t RO release just the music album? Ok, just one positive, I can’t think of any more!

ReviewMaster Haha!
(If you feel this ending was abrupt – try seeing Aisha!)