Friday, October 30, 2009

Global auto giant infringes on the Professor’s Patents!

Protest! I take strong exception to this blatant infringement of something that has been legally published, claimed and patented by the esteemed Professor way back in 1958. By professor Calculus in Tintin’s adventure in the Red Sea! If you are thinking “Oh him, he is not a real person!” you have got another ‘think’ coming! Blistering Barnacles!

Here (You can visit this link later) is the link to Nissan’s idea of personal transportation in the future! Note the uncanny resemblance to the Professor’s invention featured below as well!

Photo Courtesy here and here.

Legal eagles will note that what Nissan proposes is at best a crude, boxy imitation of the Professor’s sleek, aerodynamic design. They will also note the design similarities, while Nissan has an inflexible control stick; the Professor had thoughtfully included a flexible control stem to help with maneuverability and balance. Surely these design changes will be implemented in Nissan’s next prototype.

The professor will be turning in his grave to see his invention being copy-pasted like this! What has the world come to these days! I was worried about global warming for a moment there.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google does not have a world map!

Strangely, I remember reading (somewhere) that the world was charted or mapped quite some time back. Guess I was wrong! Click on the image for a larger picture.

Back - Phew!

I have been out for quite a while, which my non existent readers wouldn't have noticed.

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