Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Is this fair? Is this justifiable? Are we not forgetting something?

TOI on the left hand side features a couple of articles on terrorism in India. The first article talks about over 700 terrorists in J&K waiting to kill and maim innocent civilians in the name of religious war. The second article talks of a young, successful IIT graduate whose life, love and family was riddled with bullet holes, by the 26/11 perpetrators.

On the same page is ‘Aman ki asha’, the grand TOI initiative to bring the people of the India and Pakistan together. Their argument is that the establishment is different from the people of Pakistan. People are essentially similar, culturally and emotionally. Hence we can be friends. No harm done!

I can almost picture a crazed L-e-T terrorist having fits of laughter. They will take this not only as another sign of weakness but also as an opportunity to further their designs. This initiative will have a real positive impact on terrorist confidence. Way to go!

Coming back to the point of ‘being friends’. Ultimately, it is the people of the nation who are responsible for a nation’s misdeeds. They are not different from their nation’s establishment. The uber-romantic notion of Jai-Veeru-dosti between India and Pakistan is counter-productive and directionless.

Will this stop another smart IIT graduate from being gunned down? Will this make the crazed L-e-T terrorist any less crazed? Will this bring any real peace, even for a month, week or day? I sincerely doubt.

Friendship is between equals. We … are no longer equals!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

God–Phone Descends!

All hail the new God of all phones, including, yes, including the now dated iPhone. Google was already the God of search engines, it now has transcended into mobile operating systems. Google-God has now taken the competition to various fruity vendors of over-priced, malfunctioning, computing hardware.

Let us also take this moment to announce the demise of Microsoft’s mobile computing platform – The Windows Mobile. Even the much-awaited Windows Mobile 7 is going to look like road-kill compared to Android 2.1. Windows Mobile is now relegated to the history books. A moment of silence please, guys!

The God-Phone touts a 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen display, a 5MP camera, Android 2.1, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, active noise cancellation, voice-enabled search, 512MB RAM and a 4GB memory card apart from the usual bells and whistles. To top it all, the sweet hardware is from HTC. It is bank-robbery at $529.

The sad part is that this God-phone (Google calls it super phone) will not descend into India, at least not now. I, for one will be eagerly waiting for my rendezvous with God.

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