Thursday, September 3, 2009

TMH Banners!

All right - No more long and boring reviews which are longer than the movie!

How about a poll on which was the best TMH (That would be - The Morning Haha) banner! Incidentally, all of these photos were clicked at different places. Not by design really! Click on the photos to see a larger image.

Banner I: My first banner! I clicked this photo of a crossing in Mumbai. The traffic blurs made it interesting.

Banner II: This was a close up of the bar at my home in Pune. 

Banner III: I non-violently shot this pigeon on a platform at a random station in London.

Banner IV: I shot this flower in Bhandardara. (A quaint town, on the banks of a large lake, near Pune) The wind was strong, which explains the motion blur. 

Banner V: I clicked this 'photo' from an apartment in Kolkata, on the 22nd floor. I used panorama perfect lite to  stitch a couple of photos together to create this panorama. Also added the film grains myself.

Now use the voting buttons on the right hand-side of this post to choose your favorite! I will acknowledge everyone who voted for the most popular banner in my next post!