Saturday, March 27, 2010

Man v/s Food

What attracted my attention this week was a new reality-TV show on “Discovery Travel and Living” by the name “Man v/s Food”. We all wish we could hog on all the artery-clogging, heart-busting, greasy fried food and yet have a clean lipid profile. But that is not the way God designed it all. Shucks!

Help is at hand though. This TV show caters to your innermost food fetishes! The host holds the record for the biggest human stomach, well he must, since he puts away, literally truckloads of food with ease. The amount he consumes will put any 3rd world country to shame!

America is dotted with food joints that have a challenge item on the menu. Adam, the host, devours these ginormous helpings as a part of the challenge! By most standards even the normal helpings are a challenge to most people, if not Asians. Challenge items can feed a small family, for a week! This is the scale we are talking about.

The challenge starts will Adam sitting behind a mountain of meat (This is no place for a vegetarian to be!), barely visible, smacking his lips and limbering up his esophagus! Adam begins by thrusting a bucket-load of food down his neck. By the end of the hour Adam would have devoured a goat or the better part of a large cow with a side order of a vegetable garden!

If you are still watching you can’t help but imagine the kind of strain this puts on the city’s sewage system the next morning. Heck, I dare not imagine the strain Adam puts on his lower orifices when he unloads it all. A mud volcano comes to mind! Holy Shit! (I need some time to purge that image from my frontal lobe!)

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