Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quips on the Go!

MPs have announced a pay hike for themselves. They have also asked that 1000 Crores of scandal-related-income be tax exempted. Where is the logic in taxing tax-payers’ money they ask.

Votes for Rajya Sabha candidates are going cheap. JMM is quoting Rs. 1 Crore per vote while BJP is slightly cheaper at Rs. 50 Lakhs + a car! You may want to pick up a couple of votes before inflation strikes. (As you can see I don’t have the fancy Re. symbol yet!)

Kalmadi is facing the music for taking the ‘Commonwealth’ Games literally. He must have felt it was common practice to siphon off the wealth, from the games. Silly mistake, can we worry about things like vegetables now?

Speaking of food, a collection of very, very rich, well fed, MPs are debating the issue of price-rise in Parliament. Increase in levels of debate, decreases inflation through release of hot air.

Also, 400 students were recently held up and arrested for Partying. This is a serious crime, if you do not take a gazillion permissions, no-objection-certificates and permits from an equal number of Government agencies. So start planning for your 50th anniversary now!

In other related news, the Indian Government has announced that it will set up a National Commission for Boring Societies, which will present recommendations on how to reduce parties and party related crimes (Political parties exempted!).

The mother of Scarlett Keeling fears that she could be murdered by the Goa Minister’s nexus of crime. Which came as something of an extreme shock to the people of this country; people who have a hard time imagining that crime and politics could go hand-in-hand. 

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Anonymous said...

partying is a crime while all the rasta-roko, bus -phooko, rail patri-ukhado strikes and forced bandhs seem to have acquired a celebrated status. The reason is simple the govt fails to understand how people can be happy despite all its efforts to ensure the contrary, and what we don't understand scares us.

PS: keep smiling.. and scaring the shit out of the politicians and public servants.